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Building a sustainable talent pool

Promoting courses and training in the semiconductor sector, supporting internships and graduate pathways to sector employment and disseminate job opportunities.


Australia does not presently have a deep pool of semiconductor talent, making attracting and retaining that talent even more challenging than other regions. Talent can come in the form of hands-on contributors, consultants, advisers, third party service providers and trained graduate students.

One of the aims of the Semiconductor Service Bureau is to address the skill gaps that have been identified in the industry and ensure a strong and talented workforce for sustainable sector growth. Our goal is to work closely with industry stakeholders to understand the specific talent requirements and ensure that businesses have access to the skilled workforce they need to succeed.

We recognise the importance of a local talent pool in fuelling the progress of the semiconductor sector in the long term. Through our initiatives, we strive to create awareness about the diverse and rewarding careers available in the semiconductor industry. We believe that attracting and nurturing early career talent through access to training and development opportunities will encourage students to pursue careers in this dynamic industry. We also identify market demands and align training programs to equip individuals with the skills that are in high demand to facilitate access to talent in the short term.

S3B is focused on helping the government, universities and industry provide the appropriate incentives and recruitment processes to grow the talent pool, while also assisting organisations with accessing the existing pool.


S3B supply chain partners offer training and other services.

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Cadence and the University of Sydney offer a microcredentials training course in Cadence’s digital IC design flow.

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