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Supply Chains

The Semiconductor Service Bureau aims to serve as a broker on behalf of numerous Australian projects, facilitating access to the vast potential of collective relationships within the semiconductor supply chain. We understand the value of collaboration and strive to connect Australian projects with key players in the global semiconductor industry, enabling them to leverage collective resources and expertise. The semiconductor supply chain stretches from the materials used to form the bases of semiconductors, through design and IP capabilities, fabrication, test and assembly and through to the end products using semiconductors.

In addition to our role as a broker, we also take on an advocacy role on behalf of the semiconductor sector. We actively promote the interests and priorities of the industry, advocating for favourable policies, incentives, and support mechanisms. By representing the sector as a whole, we aim to create a favourable environment that fosters growth and innovation.

Further, our partners and collaborators offer a range of services which substantially enhance access to the global semiconductor supply chain. These include MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) services, design consultancy services and electronic design tools.

We also facilitate direct connections between clients and relevant partners within the semiconductor supply chain. Additionally, we negotiate discounts and access to tools and services that empower companies to streamline their design processes and retain this specialisation in-house.

S3B can assist organisations in understanding their needs in producing their end products and can provide information on available suppliers and consumers within the supply chain. Through our analysis and connections to supply chain participants within Australia and internationally, S3B can advise on opportunities and capabilities as well as needs and expectations within the supply chain.

Supply Chain


S3B supply chain partners offer Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) manufacturing, packaging and other services.

Contact us for more information about accessing supply chain partner services.

CMC Microsystems

S3B has an MoU with CMC Microsystems to support Australian institutions in the semiconductor sector.  CMC Microsystems provides manufacturing, packaging, CAD and other services.


S3B has signed an MoU with imec.IC-link, a complete ASIC solutions provider that can manage the full product lifecycle. Backed by imec, one of the world’s leading R&D labs in nanoelectronics, imec.IC-link offers tailored services adapted to customers’ needs – from ASIC design including radiation-hardened designs to package development, testing, qualification, and volume production.

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