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Market Intelligence

Providing market intelligence

Mapping capabilities and needs in the semiconductor sector and identifying national and international opportunities for collaboration.

Market Intelligence

Understanding the market’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are essential to supporting and growing the ecosystem. This market intelligence can assist organisations in locating services or customers within the ecosystem, while also identifying areas for government policy and government or investor funding.

The Semiconductor Service Bureau offers a comprehensive market intelligence service that is both strategic and functional. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and analysis to assist companies and government to make informed decisions and benefit from opportunities in the semiconductor market.

As the demand for semiconductor technology continues to grow, we seek to support the growth of the Australian industry and attract investment and funding and to identify and demonstrate the benefits of developing manufacturing  capability in Australia.

Our market intelligence service offers access to valuable information, including market trends, roadmaps, and competitive analysis. We strive to keep our networks informed about the latest developments and emerging opportunities in the semiconductor market to make strategic decisions and identify beneficial linkages within the sector, both in Australia and overseas.

We understand the importance of establishing connections and partnerships to foster collaboration and drive innovation. Through our analysis, we highlight potential areas of collaboration, enabling industry, government and universities to form strategic alliances and unlock new avenues for growth.

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