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S3B attends 2024 Science Meets Parliament

09th Apr 2024

SMP -32

On 20 March 2024, S3B attended Science Meets Parliament, hosted by Science & Technology Australia. During SMP, Professor Sharath Sriram, the incumbent president of Science & Technology Australia, delivered the National Press Club address. He made an impassioned call to action, urging Australia to invest in research and innovation.

“Micro-chips are at the heart of just about every advance our country is investing in – quantum computing, artificial intelligence, digital health, advanced manufacturing and clean energy.

Right now, we are missing crucial investments in the development, commercialisation, and manufacturing pipeline.

It will take the right investment incentives and, along with the additional dollars, and the right connected innovation ecosystem to bring it all together.

By connected innovation ecosystem I mean an end-to-end system for taking a great idea, creating a product or service from it …and finding multiple uses from that innovation to draw maximum value for society.”

A core value of S3B is to strengthen the ecosystem amongst the Australian and international semiconductor industry. We fully support the address by Prof Sriram and look forward to his leadership of Science & Technology Australia.

You can read the full address here.

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